A Practical Guide to Bilingual Revision


200 pages / novembre 1980

Inspired by the specific needs of university students, this manual trains them for a translating career in a translation service or bureau by showing them how their translations would be revised and by whom, and prepares them for an eventual career as a reviser.

Used at the end of the translation program, it also perfects and puts into practice much of what they have been taught about the translating process. The student is being asked, often for the first time, to observe this process from an objective standpoint, since the translations he has to evaluate are not his own and neither are they the corrected versions of his professors’. He must also analyze the language and thoughts not of one writer, the author, but of two, the author and translator. This necessarily will require him to come to terms with both his own translating skills and his own ability to express himself in his native language. The manual can serve in part to draw his attention to matters of style as well as to matters of grammar, syntax and usage.

A Practical Guide to Bilingual Revision takes also into consideration the professional aspects of revision: assessment methods that have been devised by professional organizations and translation services in Canada, general principles involved in revising, and working conditions in Canada and abroad. In so doing, it seeks to be of use to professional translators who aspire to careers in revision and to those who already occupy posts of revisers or senior administrators.    

Paul A. Horguelin est un éminent pédagogue de la traduction. Au moment de prendre sa retraite en 1996, il avait enseigné comme professeur titulaire au Département de linguistique et de traduction à l’Université de Montréal pendant plus de 25 ans. Initiateur du premier cours de révision et du premier cours d’histoire de la traduction inscrits dans un programme universitaire, il a signé de nombreux ouvrages, dans ces domaines notamment.    

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